Add Purolator Shipping to your Online Store

If you have an online store that is based on an e-commerce platform, you’ll need to obtain an Activation Key in order to start shipping with Purolator. Follow these steps to obtain your Activation Key and get started, or view our detailed instructions.


Step 1: Open a Purolator Account

Open a Purolator Courier or Freight account, if you don't already have one. You will need one of these accounts in order to get an Activation Key to set up Purolator Shipping.

Open a Purolator Account for Courier Shipping by visiting Open a Purolator Account for Freight Shipping Services by calling 1-888-SHIP-123 and select option 6 for Purolator Freight.


Step 2: Register

Register for the Purolator E-Ship® Resource Centre to obtain an Activation Key. Select option 3 as your "Web Services Profile" on the registration form.

Step 3: Obtain an Activation Key

Log into the E-Ship Resource Centre and complete the form to receive your Activation Key.


Step 4: Enter your Activation Key in your online store settings

Visit your e-commerce platform's help resources for instructions on how to add Purolator shipping to your store. You will need to enter your Activation Key to enable Purolator.


Step 5: Start using Purolator with your online store

Start using Purolator shipping with your online store.



If you need assistance, or ever wish to stop using your Purolator Courier or Freight Account with an e-commerce platform, please call the Purolator E-Ship Help Desk at 1-800-459-55991-800-459-5599 FREE, or visit the Support section.

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